Travel Assistance and Insurance

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A broad range of medical and non-medical services that keep travellers at ease when they are away from home.

  • Support before, during and after travel with our global network of over 30,000 medical providers.
  • Global travel security risk management services: Manage your company's corporate mobility with a high-performance digital asset.
  • Access to the expertise of top-tier specialists in relevant medical situations.

International Medical Network

A Differentiated Asset to Allow for the Highest Standards for Medical Evacuation


  • A dedicated IMN Department, managed centrally and operating locally on-the-ground.
  • IMN counts 40 regional and local experts on healthcare systems, medical providers and logistical moves.
  • Supported by our 200 in-house doctors and nurses.


  • 30,000 selected medical providers worldwide + 890 000 in the USA: with in-depth capabilities in major destinations and baseline coverage all over the world.
  • On-site evaluation of providers and strict provider selection based on medical excellence, operational efficiency, solid assessment on cost and quality, with credentialing check.
  • In-house ranking system of providers with a long term vision on our partnerships.
  • Quality label to award medical excellence of our preferred providers.
  • GeoMed: a day-to-day, time saving, all in one interactive network management solution covering the full steps of the provider journey.

Travel Eye

International Mobility Risk Management (Duty of Care and Guarantee of the Security for all Travellers)
Country Risk Information
  • Country risk information including medical and security risks.
  • Event alerts real time at global level: climatic events, strikes, political demonstrations, attacks, etc. Employee notifications by email, SMS.
  • Direct access to our International Medical Network : doctors, pharmacies, healthcare establishments, with access to contact information, languages spoken, and geolocation for each service provider.
  • From the application, Emergency Button allowing direct access to our assistance platforms and geolocation for the call to first aid.
Global monitoring of events
  • Global monitoring of events.
  • Analysis of global risks city by city.
  • Travellers’ monitoring with automatic reporting of travel information.
  • Expatriate’s module: permanent registration and self registration of their private trips.
 Information and advice to mitigate mobility risks


Country Information

  • A first overview of country and city risks.
  • Insights to key security and medical risks.
  • General knowledge about business environment.
  • General recommendations before and during a trip.


Security Risks

  • Granular country, region and city risk evaluation from HUMINT/OSINT.
  • Risk specification (terrorism, crime, etc.).


Medical Risks

  • Immediate medical outbreaks (Ebola, etc.).
  • Common diseases (Vaccine Preventable, etc.).



  • Information to avoid being at risk (threat to life or physical condition).
  • Guidelines to be followed during an incident.
  • Preparatory and preventive measures.
  • Security-Medical related information on a travel destination.
Key Features

Key Features

  • Travel monitor
  • Risk map
  • Global events
  • Expatriates module
  • Automated alerting
  • Calendar tracking
  • Dashboard
  • 24/7 service
  • Emergency button
  • Content management system

Second Medical Opinion

Empowering Patients to Make Informed Decisions – Without Any Out of Pocket Expense

In Case of Questionable Diagnosis

Situations where a clear medical diagnosis for a condition has not been established or is in doubt, despite a comprehensive evaluation by a primary care physician and/ or specialist(s).

To Understand the Disease/Procedure

To Understand the Disease/Procedure

The treatment option or procedure is new or experimental, or the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment are unclear.

If No Recommendations is Provided

If No Recommendations is Provided

No known treatment or procedure can be recommended for the medical condition.

In Chronic/Serious Conditions

In Chronic/Serious Conditions

The medical diagnosis is considered serious, chronic, irreversible or degenerative, perhaps with recurring symptoms post treatment.


My sincere thanks for your kind help and assistance with this case. My rating: 8, you were great help and the recommendation made by the doctor is much appreciated.

I will rate my satisfaction at 10. You deserve full credit for exceeding my expectation in terms of promptness in response and exhibiting professional approach in dealing with potentially a very sensitive and serious health issue. Please keep it up!

You have provided a good assistance for us and now we can focus on my sister's treatment here without financial burden. We have no further request. Thank you very much.

I am satisfied with the service! Your escort Nurse was doing a great job! She helped and comfort me throughout the journey. Then, the ambulance service was good! Punctual & Efficient! Thank you AAN for everything!

I am very impressed with the process of my repatriation back to Msia. It was carried out systematically & professionally from RPAH (Sydney) to KPJ Ipoh Specialist (Msia). The 2 nurse escorts were pleasant and competent.

I am very happy with the service provided by AAN. I have recommended AAN services to many friends.

Thank you so much for a job so well executed. I must say it’s fast, efficient, well-coordinated and all parties are well informed to the last details. Your team who flew to Hanoi did a great job.

I loved your service. You really came through for me as I needed emergency surgery and I couldn’t make it to the banks, I was worried, but you guys took care of everything and followed up. 10 out of 10!