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  • An ecosystem that protects what matters when it matters.
  • Seamless experience and faster claim process turn-around time via an end-to-end secured protocol, a straight through claim processing and robotic process automation.
  • Enhanced customer experience created by the administration and assessment of in and out-patient claims, and the pre-approval and guarantees of payments for medical treatment.


Digital Health and Wellness Solution

3-6 months behavioral change solution package conducted by 3 core components.

Personalised Health Plan

Personalised Health Plan

  • 2 comprehensive health assessments.
  • 3-6 coaching sessions with a Health Coach/Dietitian.
  • Blood test conducted at your office, your home or appointed lab providers.
Summary Report to HR

Summary Report to HR

  • Aggregated and anonymised overview of employees' health.
  • Accelerate self-care and empower organization productivity.
  • Support for employees’ lifestyle change.
Mobile App

Mobile App

  • Articles, blogs, interviews, etc.
  • Challenges and Fitpoints rewards.
  • Exchange Fitpoints in marketplace.
Medical Report

Medical Report

  • Security that enables electronic health records via authentication and data integrity. Only you and your health coach will know your health result.
  • Managed by a system with the highest level of security that ensures secure transmission, processing and storage.
  • PDPA compliant.

Hospitalisation & Healthcare Assistance

Demonstrating Accessible Care with Automation and Human Hybrid Assistance

Hospitalisation assistance takes a new form with the evolving landscape, from mono administrative service to full customer centric solutions.

Analytic Tools

Analytic Tools

  • Integrated system to enable powerful analysis to detect fraud, waste and abuse.
  • Power BI enabled real time reporting and intelligent dashboard.
  • Data-backed actionable health insights.
Health Claim System

Health Claim System

  • Accredited information security protocol.
  • Built-in-house and deployed regionally.
  • Straight through processing.
  • Robotic process automation.
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP) compliant.
Claim Adjudication and Settlement

Claim Adjudication and Settlement

  • In and out-patient claims assessment.
  • Pre-approval for medical treatment.
  • Medical cost containment.
  • Guarantee of payments.
  • Second medical opinion (domestic international).

Long Term Medication

Dispense of Long Term Medicine: Cashless, Seamless and Convenient



Appreciate your kind response and assistance for providing the Letter of Guarantee for my Client Mr. Lee Fook Heng, AA International has certainly done a great job. Thank you

Thank you for providing me with valuable information to make an informed decision on my daughter's treatment. I appreciate your passion and efforts to help people.

Your staff is extremely patient and sensitive in dealing with such an emotional matter.

AAN staff was professional and very helpful and always assured that I would be safe. Very happy to entrust my health and safety to AAN.

Call center agent was being very helpful by constantly following up with the client.

Agent managed to deliver good experience to the member. The agent ensured a smooth LOG process.

The whole team have done a very good job. Special thanks also given to the medical team for their care & kindness throughout this journey. Thanks very much to all of you.