img-industriesDuty of Care by employers is of paramount importance. In the occupational health and safety legislation, companies are held accountable as there are needs under the legislation to demonstrate management of risks for their employees. Potential consequences to employers are severe and would affect business operations and continuity with exorbitant hospital bills and evacuation costs, interruption and/ or premature cessation of expatriates’ assignments.

AA helps corporations to manage the health and security risks faced by their employees locally and in overseas.

We provide:

  • Corporate Membership; which includes 24/7 medical, travel and security assistance.
  • Security Travel Risk Management; with access to our global online security intelligence and information website including tools to provide preparation, compliance, tracking, and communications to reduce health and safety risks while travelling or based overseas.
  • Medical, Natural Disaster and Political Security Evacuation; a dedicated 24/7 crisis hotline is provided for travellers and expatriates with evacuation services arranged to the nearest adequate, safe and acceptable location.
  • Health Check Programs; To determine if employees are in the best of health for their assignments.
  • Pandemic Information & Support Services; Pandemic news, analysis and clinical information to help employees with their trip planning.
  • Health Talks; Conduct occupational health programs and seminars.
  • Healthcare Services for Inpatient & Outpatient; Medical Centres / Clinics referrals for the management of inpatient hospitalization and/ or outpatient care.

Organizations’ responsibility to protect the health, safety and security of employees in the remote site sectors continue to grow in complexity and with utmost importance. There are risks involved and employers must negotiate the risks associated with sending their employees into these potentially dangerous areas. Working in some of the world’s most demanding and remote environments, pervasive contagious disease, a deficient medical infrastructure and extreme environments may aggravate the underlying health conditions of the workers and reduce the success rate of overseas assignments.

Natural disasters and security threats in hostile environments can also present significant safety issues. Employers need to demonstrate due diligence in protecting their workforce and assets which demand a specific level of care. The drive towards common levels of care by the International Labour Organisation and an organisation’s Duty of Care have also impacted the industry.

AA offers organizations a corporate membership, with emphasise on risk assessment and prevention, as well as proactive and reactive support such as informed medical and security advice and evacuation services.

We provide:

  • Project membership:- Medical and security advice, assistance and evacuation for workforce on site.
  • Procurement:- Provision of medical equipment and facilities, pharmaceuticals and medical consumables
  • Medical staffing & consulting:- Doctors, paramedics and nurses worldwide
  • Medical, first aid and fitness training:- To help our clients to develop and improve their medical skills and fitness level
  • Site health reviews:- To evaluate local health hazards and the medical infrastructures
  • Occupational health and health impact assessment:- Develop occupational health programs and to ascertain the potential health impact of your project on the surrounding community
  • Health check programs:- To determine if your employees are in the best of health for their assignments
  • Vaccination management programs:- For worldwide immunizations

These services are commonly provided to the following industries when working in remote locations:

  • Mining (exploration, construction and production)
  • Oil and gas (exploration, construction and production)
  • Large infrastructure / engineering projects e.g. dams, power generation, large civil projects
  • Maritime vessels
  • Film industry
  • De-mining activities
  • Second line (non-military) operations in support of contractors in conflict zones

AA provides Security and Risk management that can assess risk on facilities/ installations and vessels using our own or international Risk Methodology i.e. ISO 31000, from the organisations’ project conception through each stage until completion.  We also provide manpower to implement our findings and/ or security at the existing locations/assets or on new projects.  Our network of Professional Consultants, a collective of specialist Military and Government personnel are ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice.

We provide:

  • Audit services: specialising in Security Audits
  • Close Protection: inc Maritime Escort
  • Compliance and Implementation: inc ISPS; Company Security Officer (CSO)
  • Crisis Management: Incident Management
  • International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Implementation
  • Intelligence, Protective and Technical Security Services
  • Investigations: Counterfeit, Fraud, Loss in Transit, Substitute Cargo, Supply Chain, Theft
  • ISO 28000 and 31000 implementation
  • Maritime medical support
  • Project management: Safety & Security
  • Training: Non Military and Military
  • Risk/ Security surveys
  • Security and Risk Services for FSO, FPSO, FDPSO, Terminals and O & G on and offshore facilities
  • Ship Security Alert System Monitoring
  • Vessel Security Background Check (VSBC)

industry-govAttending the specific needs for the government and public sectors, AA provides specialised care to employees working in large military and civil departments where they would travel extensively and require access to international standards of medical care worldwide.

AA is able to provide customized healthcare network to meet the specific requirements so that employees have access to qualified healthcare providers – clinics, hospitals, physicians, dentists and other medical specialists at a reasonable cost. We conduct audits with the healthcare providers as part of our panel network’s credentialing process to ensure a consistent and efficient delivery of appropriate medical standards.

We assist employees to access these healthcare benefits by providing advanced payment for treatment as well as administrative support with back-end billing, cost-containment audits and claims process. We have the capacity and expertise to manage large scale, complex projects that offer continuity of care.

industry-aviationAA acquired and operated its first air ambulance in 2010 under the brand name AeroMed Asia. AeroMed Asia offers a 24 hours emergency and non-emergency medical transport services in all parts of Asia and presently, AA has a fleet of aircraft with 2 Hawker 400 and a Hawker 800 which are currently based in Taiwan and Singapore.

Apart from utilizing its own aircraft, AA works closely with other aviation industry experts to cater to the high demand of air charter requests here in Asia and globally.

“Is there a Doctor on-board?”

A costly flight disruption is avoided through the risk assessment and telemedicine treatment advice provided by the experienced emergency physician. Through usage of a telemedicine service made available via on-board satellite phone, aircrews of a commercial airline could get in direct contact with a consultant on the ground at AA’s alarm centre to analyze the problem and to provide tele-consultation in cases of medical emergency on board an aircraft.

Combining the aptitude and capacity of its highly trained in-house medical team and ground management team, AA is committed to provide service excellence, cost effective solutions for its Clients and is constantly evolving around the safety and stability of the patient’s medical condition at all times.

AA provides a variety of customised services ranging from medical, security and travel assistance, concierge and lifestyle and travel insurance solutions to banks and credit cards issuers worldwide. All services can be white-labeled and to be incorporated with your branding. Each program is individually tailored to your specifications to help you gain and retain customers and encourage account utilisation, driving profitability and loyalty.

Our services are available to colleges and universities globally. It is important to manage the students’ travel, security and health risks prior to them studying abroad. Majority of these educational programs are based in countries with emerging economies or in remote regions and in these areas, illnesses, unforeseen accidents, natural disasters, riots and crime can seriously endanger well-being, disrupt travel and undermine personal safety of the students.

Key information on personal security, travel tips, health issues, and food and water safety as well as vaccinations, can help make the students’ educational program abroad a better experience and with a peace of mind.

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