Festive seasons are great, and we look forward to it all the time.

But we also struggle to find the right gift for our loved ones, especially if you want to get them something that is useful and helps to improve their health without emptying out your bank account.

2020 has indeed been a special year and unique experience for everyone. It has increased awareness on health and what gift could be better than good health to give to your loved ones? Of course, we meant gift that can help our loved ones become healthier.

Let’s ask Dr Alan Tan, who specializes in Corporate Healthcare, Public and Community Health, to pick his brain on what he would get for his loved ones.

Q: Hi Dr Alan, what is your first consideration when figuring out what gift to get for your loved ones, namely your wife?

Dr Alan: When I think about what to get for my wife for Christmas, I am clear that I would like to get her something functional. Especially now, knowing very well that we all have health and wellness as one of the highest priorities and our aim to progress in our fitness goals. We can’t give others a present of fitness, but we sure can help each other along.

So, the next question is how can I help my wife in her fitness journey? My answer is to get her something that she needs and is nice. I cameto the conclusion of upgrading her fitness tracker.

She needs a new fitness tracker. Her old fitness tracker is slowly but surely disintegrating.  I’m considering getting my wife a Garmin tracker. She just runs about 3km occasionally and her previous tracker has served its role as the most basic tracker. Her current tracker is a Garmin Vivosmart4.

The phone app Garmin Connect which syncs with her watch is great, user friendly and because I use a Garmin tracker too, we can compare stats. It has been 2 and a half years and that Vivosmart4 needs to be retired soon.

Q: The next big question Dr. Alan. There is so many types of fitness tracker, from entry level to super ultramarathon watches. How do you come to decide on which model to get for your wife?

Dr. Alan: The first step is always figuring out what the person wants or need. Since I’ve decided to get a Garmin tracker for my wife, I need to figure out which exact model to get her. So, I am looking at the aesthetic of the watch as well as the functions that my wife would need. Of course, I did consider the latest model on the market, but should I get the last generation instead as it would be much cheaper but lose out on some new features?

When you have selected the final few models to compare before making your purchase, you have to watch the Youtube review on the watch to check out the functions, pros and cons of the selected model.

You can go for big name brands like Apple, Samsung, Garmin, Fitbits, Huawei and Mii. If the person likes a certain brand or style, you must start considering what models there are in the brand. Apple has the iWatch, whereas Samsung and the other brands have a whole range of watches. Garmin’s range is extensive, from basic models to extreme athlete models.


As I know my wife so well, she will want to go for the athletic feel. Her husband being a fitness buff and all, Garmin is the athletic brand that she identifies with.

The Garmin Venu SQ, which was just recently launched caught my eyes.

Q: Can you share in more details with us, what about the Garmin Venu SQ that made you purchase it as THE Christmas present for your wife?

Dr Alan: My wife started off with the most basic tracker, Garmin Vivosmart 4 which was a tiny but build in with fully automatic step with capabilities. As she’s more active now, with gym training and running outdoors, hence she needs built in GPS as well as better screen. At the same time, the design of the watch must be small enough for ladies’ wrist. The watch does not need to be overloaded with features as she wants the watch look trendy while wearing it and still looks good when dressed up for the evening without looking like a sports watch.

Hence models such as the Forerunner and Fenix would be too serious and too large. The Vivoactive 3 elements is a pretty watch and great looking but it is a season old and the new Vivoactive 4 only came in black, and the female, smaller version was more expensive.

With some new models out, The Garmin Venu SQ caught my eye, it has a brilliant display, but a little short on battery life. It is a small and trendy looking fitness tracker, with touchscreen and GPS enabled. It has 2 versions, with and without internal music storage.

I finally decided on Metallic Orchid coloured Garmin Venu SQ without internal music storage, as she would never use internal music storage anyway, as she always has  her mobile phone with her..

So, for me the Christmas present is to put thought into it, and it is to break down the wants, to the needs, and finally pull from what is available in the market to get the best gift.