The japanese method

We know how much you care about your health and appearance. So, today we’re going to tell you all about a new Japanese method to slim your waistline and belly fat, which “promises” good results with just 5-10 minutes of exercise a day. Sound too good to be true?


The Japanese method to reduce your waistline and belly fat

This method is basically a stretching exercise that repositions your pelvis and vertebrae, which redistributes abdominal fat and takes inches off your waistline, according to the creator.

It was designed by a Japanese doctor (Fukutsudzi) and was made popular by a famous fitness coach (Keiji).

You can start with two or three minutes of this exercise to get used to the position, or keep increasing the amount of time until achieving a 10-15-minute stretch.

You simply need:

  • A mat or rug.
  • A hand towel.
  • A rope or rubber band.


Roll up a towel so it’s about 40 cm long and 10 cm wide. Tie the towel with a sturdy rope or rubber band so it doesn’t unroll.

Lie down on the mat, face up. Place the towel under your lower back, just above your sacrum. Stretch your legs slightly apart and position your feet facing inwards, so your big toes touch. Your heels should be about 20 cm apart.

Stretch your arms over your head, also slightly apart, with your palms facing down on the ground. In this case, your pinkie fingers should be touching.

For five minutes, move your toes together and apart. At the same time, breathe through your nose and feel the stretch. Your hands shouldn’t move. Your belly should be tight.

After five minutes, relax your muscles and do two more repetitions. To increase difficulty, you can do the same exercise but in prone position, i.e. face down. This will feel a little uncomfortable, especially for breathing.

If you have experienced a back injury or you’re prone to lower back pain, ask your doctor before doing this exercise. If during the exercise, you feel pain, stop immediately. It may be uncomfortable, but you shouldn’t feel discomfort.


The Japanese method isn’t for losing weight

This method is NOT for losing weight, no matter the hype. It’s not a miracle or a fat burner for cutting down on weight. However, it’s true that this stretching exercise helps lengthen muscle fibers and realigns the spine, which can improve your posture.

If you really want to lose weight, combine the Japanese method with a balanced diet, designed by a nutritionist or endocrinologist, and also do aerobic exercise to increase your breathing rate and improve lung endurance. Some yoga poses can also help you get firm abdominal muscles.

Try out this method and feel the benefits of a good stretching session.



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