Takumi SUZUKI, CEO of Asia Assistance

A community is a place, where people bond around shared values, feel valued as human beings and have a voice in decisions that affect them.


I am extremely proud of what we, the community of Asia Assistance employees, managed to do to support our colleagues, who were affected by the flood.

In December, over 30,000 Malaysian people were evacuated from their homes, as the country battled some of its worst flooding in years.

20 of our colleagues were very significantly impacted by the flood.


Having  lived in Japan most of my life, a country that is hit regularly with natural disasters, I was deeply touched by the situation our colleagues and their families were in.

Hence, as a human being, a team leader, and a father, I have repeatedly experienced the terrible impact of natural disasters on people and also experienced what the incredible resilience of human beings can deliver in these difficult moments!


To support our colleagues, who were in the middle of recovery, the Asia Assistance community decided to implement the following actions:

  • Swift delivery of donation boxes to our affected colleagues by the AA community itself
  • Special disaster recovery paid leave
  • Flood donation drive with donation matching.

These actions could not possibly fix all the problems. However, they certainly brought some comfort, some moral support, and some financial help in their hour of need

They also demonstrated the bond that the Asia Assistance community bears. We care.


I would like to recognize everyone’s effort in helping our colleagues in need – and particularly the following ones:

  • Neeza, Zureen, Nori and Arvin for arranging all the logistics for the support
  • Our operation teams, who have been receiving overwhelming calls from customers and clients. I am very impressed by your dedication and solidarity.
  • Our colleagues from Japan for their immediate financial contribution


Behind every cloud, there is a silver lining. These terrible floods made me realise how proud I am to belong to the Asia Assistance community.